This page aims to describe the technologies and services used to build this website.

The website is hosted in the cloud by Amazon. Amazon Simple Storage Service is used as a home for the media files you upload and emails are delivered by Amazon Simple Email Service.

The application is powered by WordPress, a project supported by a huge community of volunteers. Apache is the HTTP server and MySQL is the database management system. PHP is the language used on the server and JavaScript is used for scripting.

The Akismet plugin is used to to fight comment spam. The Site Kit plugin is used to configure key Google products such as Google Analytics and PageSpeed Insights. The Batcache plugin is used with Memcached for caching. The Fbloggers theme was written using the Atom editor and is version controlled using Git. The font used for website text is Source Serif Pro. HTML is used to define the content structure and meaning and CSS is used for presentation. Fbloggers attempts to comply with standards and specifications where they exist to ensure interoperability, accessibility and usability.